Are you scared to write your book?

You are not alone. Many people are scared to write a book. Luckily, this can be changed. I have gathered together 5 of my blog posts all about being scared to write. They explain what the fear is and where it might come from. Then each blog post includes an exercise to acknowledge and get past the feeling of being scared to write.

Read through all of them or just click on the links that you need.

Getting rid of the mindset that affects your writing

As a recovering perfectionist, I want to show you how it held me back. The need to be ‘perfect’ has gotten in the way of completing almost any task I have ever undertaken. It was when I began to let go of my perfectionism that my life began to get better and I also started to write more.

How to overcome your fears around writing

Is fear the reason you are not writing? Are you letting fear bully you out of writing? As someone who spent way too long waiting to write or struggling to write my biggest breakthrough came when I acknowledged my fears. I want to help you understand how fear could be affecting your writing.

The text is the quote 'To err is human' by Alexander Pope
Making mistakes is part of the learning experience as well as part of being human.

Are you scared to make mistakes when you write?

I am not going to be talking about grammar, spelling or sentence structure in this blog post. I am not going to talk about the plot or if you should be planning or ‘pantsing’ your novel. These are not mistakes. I reframe what we think of as ‘mistakes’ and include an exercise to help you move past this very common fear.

What i have learned from my writing rejections

What I have learned from my writing rejections

Rejections are an accepted part of the career of a writer. But that does not make them easy. I decided that I could call myself a proper writer once I got rejected. In this blog post I go through the process I used to reframe rejections. I still don’t like them but rejections do not stop me from writing any more.

how understanding your fears helps your writing

How understanding your fears helps your writing

I have written a lot about how fear can slow down or prevent you from writing. But what is fear? Why do we experience it? Knowing how our bodies react to fear can help you understand it and stop it from affecting your writing.