I write about the method that I developed to start writing regularly. These four steps helped me to increase the amount of time that I spend writing and the number of words on the page.

There are four steps to my method:

Frame of Mind

Do you think of yourself as a writer? This step is all about developing the mindset that you need to write more often.


How to feed your creative well. Nurturing your ability to create is easy to acknowledge as a necessary part of writing but harder to put into practice.

Words on the Page

This step is the easiest to recognise. Of course word count is important but figuring out what approach is right for you will help ensure that you maximise your writing time.

Writing Environment

There are many options to choose from when choosing where to write. But do you work better at a desk in your own house or in a busy coffee shop? Learning what environment supports you as you write can increase your productivity.