About Me and My Writing

I wrote my first story, voluntarily, outside of school at 7. I continued to write story ideas and read voraciously all through school. Even though I had always received positive feedback I never considered it as a career or a job that would make money.

After I left school I did Beauty Therapy. I worked in a few salons and then started teaching at a Further Education College. Life continued on and I started to do a degree part-time with the Open University. This included their two creative writing modules. Writing now seemed like something I could make a go of. 

So after I finished my degree in 2017 I tried to start writing more often. And I struggled. Life kept getting in the way and there were always reasons why it wasn’t the right time. 

I worked on my mindset and after reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ I focused on the one part of the writing experience that felt within my reach – being rejected. So I sent short stories to magazines and started to count my rejections. So far, one of them was accepted. But in the process of trying to ‘feel’ like a writer, I began to increase the amount of writing I was doing. 

I am now writing my first novel. While I am working my way through the highs and lows I am going to share it all with you.

I am writing this blog to share the process I used to become unstuck. My hope is that this will encourage you with your writing.

Claire McAneny

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